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Aussie Helpers Charity

About This Project



Aussie Helpers is an amazing Australian Charity founded by Brian Egan to raise funds and emotional support for Aussie farmers who hit hard times, often due to our recent 10 year long drought in Australia.  It is a family run charity supported by a huge dedicated volunteer workforce.

We were lucky enough to work with Aussie Helpers and in particular Australian of the Year Nominee Brian Egan (the founder), Nerida (co-founder and founder’s wife!) and their family, mainly Sam who now runs the office day to day.  Aussie Helpers have gone from strength to strength in 2014 and as such are an inspiration to work with.  If you want to learn more about Brian and the Aussie Helper journey, then simply visit their website, and in particular, watch the Australian Story re-run on the home page – it is an amazing story.


> Improve their Facebook Community & Engagement

> New responsive website (eCommerce)

> Create email list subscription

> Install a SSL Certificate

> Create other content for sharing their message online

> Staff ongoing support


Aussie Helpers wanted to improve their Facebook Community.  When we started working with Aussie Helpers they had around 2,700 FANS on Facebook, they now sit (8 months later) at over 22,000 FANS.  They also needed help on how to handle other Facebook Pages that had been opened in their name (usually well intentioned volunteers) and and their overall social media assessment and strategy.

We also looked at their blogging and custom videos as material for sharing on their Web 2.0 accounts including Facebook.

The brief was to also to create a new website to accommodate online sales, utilising their existing bank facilities and set up Paypal too for international donations.  We set up a Woocommerce shopping cart solution which has a built in stock inventory system for small business.  We installed their SSL Certificate and we also installed high level analytics on the site to see what the visitors to their website saw and did.

Netsplashing continues to support Aussie Helpers in any way we can, as they are busy saving farmers, stock and sanity, and have better things to do than tinker on a website all day.  They do however, continue to contribute to their Facebook themselves which is one of the major reasons why their FB Page is so successful.


> Set up hosting for the business

> Create new logos incorporating their old style

> Give Facebook Page strategies & tactics relevant to their target audience

> Sourced stock images for the owner to choose from for the website

> Created an original eCommerce responsive website with the stock images and client information

> Set up a custom email opt-in box (for Mailchimp)

> Linked their Facebook Page to their website

> Created a custom interview video to share founder’s message

> Provide ongoing support


Start to Finish – Three weeks

Facebook Work – Ongoing


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